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X-Treme Gate mounts securely to your truck’s tailgate. To use it, just lower the tailgate, slide it out, fold out the sides, fold it over, and lock the sides into place. Done! To store it away, simply reverse the steps. Use it and store it away, both in under 10 seconds!

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Trucks are excellent at hauling lumber or building supplies, loading and hauling an ATV or motorcycles, transporting furniture, or just loading groceries when the bed is already full. But there are times when every truck owner wishes for a little extra room in the bed – enter X-Treme Gate!

Manufactured exclusively by BR Marketing Group, X-Treme Gate is both lighter AND stronger than ever before. With its revolutionary new honeycomb design, it weighs only 32 POUNDS and provides up to TEN EXTRA SQUARE FEET of storage! X-Treme Gate’s patented design allows it stow away out of the way when not in use while being permanently attached to your tailgate.

So no matter what you use your truck for, X-Treme Gate is for you. Take your truck to the X-Treme!

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